Our first European getaway!

Paris is one of those places people tend to either love or hate. We were firmly in the love camp. Beautiful old buildings everywhere, lots of places you have seen and heard so much about and we finally got to see.

The symbol of Paris, the Eiffel tower, surpassed my expectations. This huge monument is visible for miles. We opted to climb the 704 steps to the second level.The queue to go up was long, about a hour and a half wait in line, but well worth it.  The view is incredible and you can look out over the whole of Paris. By the way, there is also an ice rink on the second level on the tower??

People are everywhere trying to sell you trinkets. Eiffel tower key rings and nick-knacks vaguely Paris related. On a side note I may have brought a key ring.

When you think of Paris you think food and so we decided to go on a food tour to see places that were less touristy and traditionally French. Walking food tours are the way to go, our guide took us around the East bank of Paris, telling us history and stopping in for food.  We tried cheese, bread, wine, macarons and much more.

We stayed in an AirBnB which was a proper French apartment on the 5th floor with no escalator. We needed the exercise after all the food we were eating anyway.

Our apartment was close to the Notre Dam cathedral so we walked by it almost every day we were there. It is a beautiful building and made me want to watch the Hunchback of Notre Dam (which we did).


Another famous site that on my list was the Arc de Triumph. This is situated in the middle of a 5 lane round about at the end of the shopping street, Champs-Elysees.

Unfortunately the Luvre was shut when we were there as it was New Years day, but we checked out the glass pyramids that look down into the museum.


The cheesiest place we went was of course the Love-Lock Bridge. We payed an over inflated price for a lock and wrote our names on it in vivid, then spent 10 minutes trying to find a place to wedge our lock onto the bridge.  We then of course threw away the key…


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  1. ltaf009 says:

    I am beyond jealous right now Dicko. And these photos are amazing. Cannot wait for your next instalment. xoxo


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