This was a completely unplanned trip. Some friends were going and asked if we wanted to tag along, so of course we said yes.


I don’t think there are words to accurately describe what we did and saw Amsterdam. In short, Amsterdam, mind = blown.

Amsterdam is a beautiful city of canals and wonky buildings. We were fortunate enough to get stellar weather over the weekend. We cruised around the town in the day visiting the sex museum and red light district. Al very eye-opening. Every second shop sells drugs or drug related items. Every third shop is a sex shop. Very bizzare coming from NZ where that kind of thing is hidden.

We went back to the red light district in the night and what a change from the day time!

In the afternoon we took a canal ride to get a different view of the city. Most of the buildings on the canal edge used to be storage sheds (now converted into housing). They all have large hooks on the top of the buildings, used to swing in cargo from the boats.

The next day we went for a a trip through the Heineken factory. It took you through the beer making process, you got to try the malt and barley used and see all the old tanks. They even have stables for the ‘Heineken horses’ which go on outings when needed. Not a fan of the beer but they have a very good set up and worth a visit.

On the Sunday afternoon we enjoyed the sun and ate our weight in Bitterballs (creamy mashed potato balls that have been deep-fried)


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  1. joydemelino says:

    Just curious, is traveling your means of living?


    1. No, we are living and working in London but traveling as much as we can

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      1. joydemelino says:

        thanks for answering…


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