Harry Potter World

I’m a big fan of Harry Potter, I have read all the books many multiples of times. Not the biggest fan of the movies; I find it strange to watch a world you have been immersed in for many years through someone else’s eyes. However, when living 30 mins away from Harry Potter world, I wasn’t about to not go.

I was actually pleasantly surprised by the whole experience. It was amazing to see how much work went into these films. Some things surprised me, like they decided the plastic Tri-Wizard cup didn’t look real enough so someone carved it out of a tree to make it look more realistic. There were also things like two Harry Potter birthday cakes. One to make Hagrid look big and then when Harry holds it, for him to look small.

The first building is full of props and sets (a mixture from all movies) as well as stories that went along with each. I was taking photos furiously at the beginning then put the camera away to just enjoy and read all the stories.


The middle section is an outside area which has the Dursleys’ house, the Knight bus and the Hogwarts bridge. You can also buy Butterbeer and Butterbeer ice cream. The butter beer tasted like Werthers originals flavor creaming soda, but the ice cream was nice.

The second set of buildings was the behind the scenes props and artists’ area. This area really surpassed my expectations. There was a mechanical section where they made a lot of props such as a fire breathing dragon, and a mechanical Hagrid’s head. We then walked through Diagon Alley to the artist section.

The artists’ section was amazing; there were conceptual drawings for ideas of what things would look like in the movies. All the props that were made where drawn out and made of cardboard before being scaled up into full sized sets. To end the tour was a huge model of the Hogwarts castle and grounds. This looked awesome! Well worth a visit especially if you are a Potter fan.



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  1. Ahh I want to go here so badly! Will definitely be making the trip later on in the year


  2. joydemelino says:

    You should have enrolled at the Hogwarts…


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