Brussels, Ghent and Antwerp, a day in each.

Belgium has supposedly the best chocolate and beer in the world so it was always going to be a place we visited. We landed late at night after out flight was delayed a few hours, but our hotel was very close to the central square so went for a walk. The square looks beautiful lit up at night.


Brussels was a bit strange, everything in the city seemed to be under construction and we struggled to find places to eat as most were shut.

I had pre-booked a chocolate tour for us (if you don’t know me,  I love food and chocolate is top of my list). We started with the “worst/lowest class” chocolate in Belgium and then worked our way up to what can only be described as ‘chocolate art’. The prices for chocolate started at €24 per kg up to €400 per kg. We made our way through quite a few chocolates including white chocolate butter creams, champagne ganache and basil and lime, just to name a few. We also went to a place which made itself famous by using beans from particular countries to form different tastes. It was surprising to be able to taste huge differences between a chocolate made with beans from Madagascar compared to the same type of chocolate, made the exact same way with beans from Ecuador. At the end of the tour the guide asked if we would go back to the first stop after trying them all, everybody said no. I was like yes!! Still better than any chocolate you can find in the UK!!

The next day we got up early and headed to Ghent. We got a stunner of a day. We had no specific plans, just to wander around and see things. Nick saw a castle in the distance as we hopped off the tram and I was dragged in to look at the medieval swords and armor. Ghent is full of stunning old buildings with architect way beyond the times. We climbed up a few towers to get a view over the city and it was worth it.



This city also has canals and since the weather was beautiful people lined the canals eating food and enjoying the sunshine.

We got suckered into buying some ‘Cuberdon’. These are sugar cones which are baked so it is hard around the edges and gooey in the middle. The salesman told us it was like the Belgium Marmite.


We headed back to Brussels for dinner and back to the same Belgium pub as Nick decided he needed to try every beer on the menu.

Antwerp was our destination on our last day, no real plans again, just to have a look around. This city is full of lots of old buildings and castles to look at as you wander around.


We sat and had waffles in front of an old cathedral. At midday they started playing the bells. These bells went on for a full hour and after awhile we started to recognize the tunes. We asked why they played for so long, only to find out every Monday for an hour real people play the bells and try out new modern tunes.


To sum it up, if you can only pick one of these three towns to visit, Ghent was by far our favourite.


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  1. Mmm. That chocolate looks yummy! 🙂


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