South of France: Gargas and Nice

On the recommendation of my mum’s friend, we headed from Barcelona to a small village in France called Gargas. We took the train from Barcelona to Perpignan then drove the rest of the way along the beautiful coastline. On the drive we stopped in Avignon. It is a beautiful little French town surrounded by a huge brick wall.

We visited a cathedral which used to be home to the Popes before they moved their home to the Vatican City (you learn new things every day). It is a large cathedral with many rooms all for unusual purposes. For example, a dining hall for the guests and then a small room off to the side where the pope would eat as they wouldn’t be allowed to eat with him?

We also crossed (well walked on) the bridge to nowhere. Never did find out why they didn’t finish it. The day was very hot and we were all desperate for gelato, luckily it wasn’t too hard to find.


The bed and breakfast mum picked was perfect; such a beautiful spot. We were fed fresh croissants and cheese for breakfast and there was also a pool which was much needed in the heat.


In the morning we headed to Roussillon, a village close by and did a walk into the forest. It was bizarre and felt like we were in Australia. The earth was a mix of red orange and yellow in large mounds all around us.

We then village-hopped as there are many small towns around each with their own unique outlooks. We seemed to keep climbing hills everywhere we went to get the best views.


Then back to the B n’ B for another much needed swim. Dinner was a strange affair that night we went to find dinner and we went to 4 (literally 4) different towns and nothing was open. I was Googling public holidays France… nothing, news stories France… nothing. Could not find a reason, even when we found a French person who spoke English they just shrugged when we asked why everything was closed! (C’est la vie) We ended up finding a small place that was open which turned out to be very good, but we were almost about to resort to McDonald’s at that point.

We continued village-hopping the next day as we made our way to Nice.




Mum again had chosen another great AirBnB right on the beach and the water was perfect.


We got a bit lazy here, mum and dad headed to Monaco, but me and Nick saw the sea and decided our day would be better spent between the water and the shore. We did try and rent the city bikes but no joy so we stayed on the beach. What a shame…

In the evening we climbed yet another hill to look over the city and the port on the other side. Then headed into town to find dinner; A++ they know what they are doing with food in France.

Last day We spent the morning in the sea, then drove around the cliffs surrounding Nice. Again picked the highest point to climb and looked through a cactus garden over looking the cliffs and sea. The week ended far to fast then it was back to London.



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