Ahh, Oktoberfest. A must do for a traveling Kiwi! Outfits and all..


Where to start. We were fortunate to have a German friend who had been a few times so we didn’t get completely lost.


We had a nightmare with flights with our friends landing two hours later than expected. We didn’t get to our accommodation until 2am, then up at 6am to get ready and line up for the tents!

We learnt very quickly to ‘never leave the pack’. I was hanging out for a coffee so we left the line for about 5 mins, but then were not allowed back in. The worst part is I didn’t even get a coffee because nothing was open. Fortunately for us it wasn’t a fatal mistake and due to the miserable weather it wasn’t as busy as normal. We managed to get two tables next to each other as we had a large group.

On the first day of the festival no beer is served until the first keg is cracked by the town’s mayor (mid day). It was a long wait till then! They offered breakfast at 10am so we had bratwurst and pretzels while we waited for the beer.

Finally 12 pm rolled around and the drinking began. Each of the servers was able to hold 5 steins in each hand (which is impressive in itself since I needed two hands just to hold mine).

The atmosphere in the tents was incredible, everyone seemed happy and to be enjoying themselves. The tents are all decorated and themed and each tent has a band playing music.

The food is amazing and the people are super friendly – would recommend!