Malta, and how to navigate it

Malta is a collection of small islands in the Mediterranean sea between Italy and Africa. After looking at pictures on Google Images I felt I had to go there and see for myself how beautiful it was. It was starting to get cold in England so it was a good time to head to Malta to get some sun. We took an extra day off from work to give us a three day weekend.


We got some tips from a member of the hotel staff and he told us which buses to take to go and see the sights. Apparently the bus system is great, but after standing at the bus station for well over an hour, with passing buses not stopping because they were full, we realized this was not very accurate. Unless you are catching the bus from the first or last stop don’t count on getting on or getting anywhere fast.


We wasted a bit of the first day waiting for the bus so when it eventually came we decided to head to the blue grotto. Most of the edges of the island of Malta are sheer cliff-faces above a wavy, crashing sea. Our plan was to take a boat ride to the blue grotto; a hole in the cliff which you can go inside. Unfortunately the boat rides were not running that day as the waves were too choppy. So instead we walked over the cliff-face to admire the view from the top.


That night we went to the main city of Valeta which turned out to be the teenage hang out. We ate some very nice food, but a handy tip is to book before going out. Even though it’s a small island, we were turned away from 6 places before we found one with a table. Nick got rabbit which is popular in Malta, while I tried the mushrooms stuffed chicken. Both were very good.


The next day we headed to Gozo which is the island across from Malta. We hired a car to drive out to the Blue Lagoon. Best decision ever! The view and water was amazing and we were able to swim in the lagoon. It is connected to the sea but protected from the waves by the surrounding rock. The lagoon is so deep the colors inside change from light blue to black and look stunning. I’m not sure the photos do it justice.



The last day, we thought we’d better get some history and have a look at some Game of Thrones filming sites (the Blue Lagoon is one and the port at Valeta another). Turns out poor Malta has been in some crazy battles as it was such a wanted island because of where it’s situated. They have a very good history museum, unfortunately we were a bit pushed for time so had to do a bit of a skim read. I remember reading that Malta has the most historical sites per size compared to any other Country. Definitely a good trip.