Austria: Vienna in winter

Put on layers then add some more, it was cold!

We were there late December and as well as the air temperature being a high of 1 C, the wind managed to cut through no matter how many layers you were wearing.


Vienna is full of historic old buildings, it is a great city to walk around and explore. There were still Christmas markets up and running so anytime we got too cold we stopped for mulled wine and snacks.

We had short days as the sun rises late and sets early. Schonbrunn Palace was a highlight; a very large palace surrounded by massive gardens (including a zoo). I’m sure it would look much lovelier in the spring with the flowers in bloom, but we almost had the place to ourselves, so can’t complain.

We got caught out with booking places for dinner. I know it’s a hassle trying to decide where you want to eat the day before, but it beats being turned away at the door at several places before one finally lets you in. We found some great schnitzel, not that it’s hard, it’s on the menu everywhere!

Before we went, I saw that you could go ice sating at a rink in the middle of the city, so I booked some tickets online. Turned out it wasn’t just any rink it had paths, stop/go signs and roundabouts. We spent the morning there which was great, then continued walking around the city, stopping for more mulled wine.


We then headed over to Bratislava that evening – we caught the train and it took about 1 hour city to city.