5 things to see in Bratislava

Bratislava, Slovakia. So much more than Euro Trip and Hostel would have you believe. A personal joke as when we were there we took a tour and the guide told us that when the movie Hostel came out their backpacking rates went down by 70%.

1. Bratislava Castle


2. The Blue Church


3. The UFO bridge


4. Man at work – Cumil


5. St. Martin’s Cathedral


Bonus number 6. Modra Hviezda, a restaurant in a cave (it’s built into cellar, but cave sounds better). Amazing food!


Bratislava old town is small. The main city is partially surrounded by walls and inside is where all the good stuff is. When the Czech Republic and Slovakia were one they decided between Prague and Bratislava which would be the historical city center and which would be the industrial new age city. Which meant unfortunately a lot of Bratislava old buildings were destroyed.

We went on a free walking tour so we could find out heaps on interested info and history about the city. They are well recommended, especially if you don’t know much about the city.