Berlin – Germany

Another food tour and checking out the city for a weekend break.

We walked around the city and across to the Pergamon Museum. Nick really wanted to go, so we waited in line for about an hour. Turns out that half of the museum is shut and didn’t end up spending that much time there as all the good stuff was under renovation.

Then we had a food tour. This was very different to what I had imagined (I was thinking pork knuckle, bratwurst and spatzle). Instead we were in for a treat, with food influenced by the workers who helped rebuild the city after the wall fell. First up was Turkish where we had a tapas style board with different dips and bread to try as well as sweet black tea.

Then to a bakery/cafe where they have prepared foods you can order and heat up (we found similar places to this in Italy). We tried a meat patty type thing which was tasty.

The next place was Vietnamese fusion and I had one of the best burgers I’ve ever had. It was made with bao bun, 100% meat patty, pickled veges and mango. Amazing!


Next we stopped for currywurst, which is deep fried sausage covered in tomato sauce and sprinkled with curry powder. It was good, but I much prefer bratwurst.


Next was coffee and cake which is always something I can get behind.


The last stop was for a drink of sparkling wine. The type we tried used to be the only type available in the times before the wall fell.


Later that night we went to Checkpoint Charlie which now has a BK on one side and a Maccas on the other.


The next day we ventured to the Batternberg gate, the Parliament Building and fitted in some schnitzel for lunch.