About me

I am a kiwi who has recently moved to London to travel this side of the world.

My first goal was to see 30 countries before I turned 30. Once I moved to the other side of the world my number grew dramatically and 30 was no longer a challenge so I have upped it to 40.

I tick country’s off my list, but never cross them out! I don’t think you can ever say you have ‘seen a whole country’.

Instagram: _40before30_



My list to date:

1. New Zealand

2. Australia

3. Malaysia

4. Thailand

5. Singapore

6. Cambodia

7. Vietnam

8. Rarotonga

9. USA

10. Bali

11. China

12. Mexico

13. Guatemala

14. Belize

15. England

16. Wales

17. France

18. Denmark

19. Morocco

20. The Netherlands

21. Sweden


23. Italy

24. The Vatican

25. Scotland

26. Czech Republic

27. Spain

28. Germany

29. Malta

30. Austria

31. Slovakia

32. Russia

33. Switzerland

34. Hungary

35. Luxembourg

36. Ireland


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